Barbarian Rapture


The Men.


Bred and dedicated to the arte of war.  Daily, they practice their craft, seeking to be well toned and well honed, eager for the the clarion call of the battle trumpets summoning them to gainful employment.

and it comes.

The dulcet tones of brass and wind, calling them from across the moors, demanding they be present to prove their mettle on the stage of legend.

so they prepare.

Eagerly, they gird their loins in the armor of their profession.  Joyfully, they load the wagons with gear, ignoring the lamentation of their women as they march toward the field which would test their dedication.

They will come home in glory – or laid out on their … keyboards?




The Beltempest is the band my SQO is head of.  They had a show on Friday at one of the multitude of bars populating the Greater Milwaukee Metro area.

It was a great show.

I was pressed into service once again as the photographer of the boys, and I got some damn fine shots.

It’s been a long time since I wielded the camera for an entire evening…I figured out I kinda missed it.  I might have to swerve out of chainmaille mode, and back into photography mode.

The muses will let me know what they decide 😀

Until then – enjoy some of my favorite shots of the boys of the Bel in action…


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